Hair Breakage Causes, How to Stop and Repair Hair Shedding and Breakage

Hair breakage can be fixed and stopped with the right care procedure and products. In African Americans, hair breakage may be more experienced than the rest of the race. Here’s how to stop, repair and fix hair breakage with home remedies.

Hair breakage is most likely seen and experienced in women because of various conditions and occurrences in the body.

What is hair breakage?

The brush you use to comb your hair may be braking it

The brush you use to comb your hair may be braking it.

This refers to an episode where the shafts of your hair are broken therefore leaving the hair looking shorter than before and at other times with split ends.

In this case scenario, the hair follicles remain in good shape and new hair will continue to grow from your scalp. You are most likely to have hair breakage when your hair is too long, when it is dry or when you treat it and subject it to blow drying.

Natural hair breakage

This is not any different from the hair breakage discussed above. It is only that it does not occur as a result of the use of equipments like the hot combs, flat irons and chemicals. The treatment for this case of condition is just the same as the breakage caused by equipment and chemical agents.

What causes hair breakage?

  • The devices used in hair care

These devices include curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons. The American Academy of Dermatology points out that

  • Deficiency of vitamins in the body

Lack of adequate quantities of vitamins B and E as well as iron could weaken the hair roots and hence hair breakage. You should therefore take foods that are rich in vitamins like nuts, meat, poultry, bananas and broccoli. You should also take iron rich foods like clams and organ meats to maintain the integrity of your hair.

  • Loss of weight

Hair breakage comes as a temporary side effect of weight loss. For you to experience hair breakage, you must have shed about 15 pounds of your weight. The integrity of your hair is likely to return to normal after you recover the lost weight.

  • Traumatic predisposition of your hair while grooming

Brushing your hair too much or shampooing aggressively is likely to cost your hair and you will soon make it start breaking off. As a protective measure, you are supposed to gently shampoo your hair with the appropriate product for your hair. After that, apply a hair conditioner to maintain it and prevent any future breakage.

  • Some of the accessories used on hair

The likes of rubber bands and hairpins when won too tightly are likely to cause hair breakage. It is even recommended that you choose loose fitting accessories so that your hair does have frequent episodes of wear and tear.

  • Stress

    Hair breakage causes and how to stop it

    Stress and emotional factors can lead to hair shedding.

Episodes of stress may change the way you handle your hair. They may also make you to over-process your hair or make you to be so rough on your hair and this makes it to start breaking. Similarly, you are also likely to neglect your hair and therefore lack of proper care techniques makes it to break. Always employ appropriate stress handling methods to avoid suffering other consequences that may come afterwards.

  • Illness

Breakage of your hair also indicates an underlying condition in your body. If your hair follicles suffer a disease, then you are likely to lose your hair to breakage. This should always prompt you to see a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Lack of moisture and oils in your hair

When your hair lacks moisture and it is very dry, you are most likely to hear cracking sounds when you comb. Failure of your scalp to produce the natural oils that are needed to maintain moisture of your scalp will make your hair to break.

How to stop hair breakage

There are various ways that you could employ to curb your hair breakage. Most of them are do it yourself home remedies. They are easy and cheap to use. They include:

  • Ensure you braid your hair before you shampoo

Putting your hair in small braids before you shampoo reduces the risk of your hair breaking and also reduces the tangles that may bring about breakage.

  • Trim your hair on a regular basis

When you have split ends in your hair, their removal might be the best solution to prevent further damage.

  • Reduce blow drying and application of heat on your hair

Always try to use heat free tools which include hair rollers and flexi rods. If it is a must for you to use heat, always ensure you have heat protecting agents and sprays.

  • Hair moisturizing

Daily application of a moisturizer like coconut oil acts as a moisture supplier and conditioning products for your hair. You should perform this on a routine basis so as to achieve the best results. There are other types of oils that can perform this role. You should however be very cautious and only choose the one that is compatible with your hair type. They may include Moroccan argan oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil and jojoba oil. You will prepare the remedy as follows:

  1. Put the chosen oil in a bowl then warm for some minutes
  2. Massage the oil into your hair gently as you dig deep to the roots
  3. Give attention to the tips and the most affected parts of the hair
  4. Cover your head with a warm towel once you are done with the process for about 45 minutes
  5. Afterwards, wash your hair using a mild shampoo and then condition your hair
  6. Allow the hair to dry
  7. You could carry out this process at the interval of about 2 to 3 times a week for the best results


There are quite a number of treatment methods that you can use although they are not any different from the home remedies discussed below.

Use a shampoo without sulfate

The mostly used ingredient in shampoos, sodium lauryl sulfate is likely to cause you hair breakage. This is because it can take away moisture from your hair leaving it dry. Therefore, ensure that the shampoo you go for is sulfate free.

Opt for hair detoxification

A detoxification solution removes any pollutants and dirt that may build up in the cuticles of your hair. You could once in a while as you get an appointment with your doctor request for a hair detox.

Use smooth serum

It gives your hair some protective light and this in the long run prevents any likely case of wear and tear. Also, it will reduce any likely breakage when you brush your hair.

How to repair hair breakage

  • Perform some deep conditioning

This will sort out any breakage that may come about as a result of drying of the hair. You should use a deep conditioner or mask once a week for the best outcome. You should carry out the procedure and leave your hair with the mask on for about 10 minutes whenever you do it.

  • Do treatments before and after color

Whenever you want to do a chemical service to your hair, ensure that you treat your hair. This helps to prepare and even perform repair hair breakage resulting.

  • Have a conditioner on whenever you comb your hair

When you are in the shower and want to comb your hair, ensure you put on a conditioner. This will help fix the hair breakage that is available.

African American hair breakage

African american hair breakage

African Americans may experience it too.

This type of hair is known to be fragile and very susceptible to breakages. It is normally dry in nature and this proves hard for the flow of sebum (oil that nourishes the hair) to through the shafts as compared to those with straight hair. The causes of this breakage are not different from the ones discussed above.

The major causes of hair breakage in American can be both daily activities on the hair as well as some habits on the hair. The daily activities include mechanical trauma, heat from devices like blow dryers and chemicals like perms, colors and bleaching agents.

The habits that make black American hair break include:

  • Excessive and inappropriate handling of hair

This type of hair appears strong but it is very brittle and should be given a lot of care

  • Use of cotton pillow cases

When you sleep on cotton pillow cases, you are likely to be deprived of moisture and at the end, your hair is likely to be dry.

There are some remedies that you can employ to fix this condition. They include the following:

  • Use protein treatment on a regular basis: treatment of the hair with protein helps to improve the structure by strengthening the compound called keratin that is responsible for hair growth.
  • Lock the ends of your hair with moisture: You can use any of your favorite oils to lock the ends of your hair with moisture. This is most appropriate if the ends are dry and brittle. You could also cover the ends with a shower cap or a saran wrap.

Home remedies for hair breakage

Apple cider vinegar

It works by balancing the oils on your scalp. Apart from that, it also removes any dirt or products that may build up on your scalp. This in the long run makes the shafts of your hair stronger and receptive of any natural treatments that you may use. Simply do the following:

  1. Mix about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water
  2. Leave the solution to mix well as you wash and condition your hair
  3. Wash the conditioner out of your hair and then wash through your hair with the dilution
  4. After that, do not rinse your hair any longer
  5. Do this about two times a month


Garlic is a hair smoothening agent. Apart from that, it boosts the growth of hair. When you combine the oil with other oils, the texture of your hair is likely to improve eventually.

Peel and then grind some garlic to a fine paste. To the fine paste, add some olive oil and then leave it to blend for three minutes.

  1. Take about three spoons of the blended mixture and apply to the scalp and hair
  2. Your main focus should be the tips and the affected areas
  3. After working on all the affected parts, cover your head with a warm towel and give it about 20 minutes to take effect
  4. Rinse your hair with a mild shampoo that is free from sulfate and then condition your hair
  5. Give your hair some time to dry

Green tea

This plant extract has very strong antioxidant properties that help to prevent any damage to the hair. Washing your hair with it makes your hair to have more clarity and look silkier. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Make two cups of the tea and let it cool in a jug
  2. After that, wash your hair and condition your hair thoroughly
  3. Then rinse the conditioner from your hair and finally wash your hair using green tea
  4. Repeat this procedure once a week


It has a mixture of eggs and fatty acids that will give your hair some nourishment of proteins. It also conditions as it makes your hair smooth, soft and silkier. To benefit maximally, the following procedure would be useful:

  1. Apply some mayonnaise into your hair, giving much attention to the ends of the hair and the affected areas
  2. Have your head covered in a shower cap for almost 30 minutes
  3. Wash and rinse your hair with a mild shampoo that is devoid of any sulfate and some lukewarm water
  4. After that, condition your hair
  5. Do this at least once a week

Onion juice

A mixture of onion juice and honey will help to boost the growth of your hair as it strengthens the shafts. Honey helps to lock moisture in the hair follicles as honey improves and boosts blood circulation in the scalp. Onions also have high amounts of sulfur that will boost the health of your follicles. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Cut some onion and then make some juice out of them
  2. Add a tablespoon of honey to the onion juice
  3. Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair
  4. Once that is done, have your head covered with a shower cap for the blend to interact with your hair for about 30 minutes
  5. Wash your hair using a mild shampoo and then condition your hair
  6. Do this once a week till you see some hair regaining the length


It helps to lock the moisture in the scalp and prevent the hair from drying out. This hinders the occurrence of issues like drying of the hair breaking and the split ends. The procedure to help out is as follows:

  1. Apply some Vaseline to your scalp and give more attention to the ends of the hair and the damaged parts
  2. Cover your head with towel as you retire to bed
  3. Wash your head with some shampoo and then condition your hair
  4. Do this once a week

Shear butter

A 30 minutes massage of shear butter together with some oils like argan oil and coconut oil could be helpful to rid you of hair breakage. The procedure below would come in handy in this case:

  1. Put the two oils mixed into a bowl and then warm them slightly
  2. Massage the oils into your head and work through your hair and the affected areas
  3. Ensure your hair is covered with the oil and then cover it with a hot towel for around 30 minutes
  4. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and then condition it
  5. Allow your hair some time to dry

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